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Zen Your Dog:

Unlock this tried and tested formula to...

create harmony in your home with your dog(s).

Replace shouting with communication and enjoy a less stressed-out dog, who is calm and responsive in the home.


On this course you will learn how to:

  • Teach your dog(s) my top 5 invaluable commands so you can create the zen dog(s) of your dreams.
  • Appreciate your dog’s unique nature, character and needs.
  • Use vital management tools to ensure bad habits are avoided.
  • Work in partnership with your dog(s) to have a wonderful life together.

Based in Ennis, Deirdre Ryan is a highly accredited professional dog training expert.

Join Deirdre on this concise online course to learn how to regain control of your home by resolving these common behavioural issues that stress out way too many dogs, and dog owners.

My Course Includes:

  • Over 3 hours of lectures with downloadable slideshow.
  • Tips and checklist download.
  • Challenges at the end of each lesson and you must complete each lesson before access allowed to next one.
  • Access to the “Dee the Dog Trainer” Facebook Group where you can access a 16 page bonus training booklet and 2 hours of extra training videos.
  • Get support and post in the group with like-minded dog owners.
  • Submit topics for my monthly Q & A on Facebook live.

You can see a full overview of lesson content here.

    When we take a puppy or dog into our home, we have an obligation to see to all their needs, physically and emotionally. When this obligation is broken, I get called to help address conflict between dog and owner. Teaching them commands so we can communicate kindly, helping them deal with stress, and being aware of their needs, as well as ours, is vital to create harmony in the relationship. I am passionate about helping you unlock the secrets to having a happy pet dog.

    Deirdre Ryan
    D.R. Dog Care

    **Highly recommend Deirdre's training classes**

    Can't get over the huge difference in Harley's behaviour since his training classes with Deirdre. Just back from the beach and he was so well behaved. A simple heel command with a little treat and he stayed by my side, fully focused on me, while other dogs were running around off lead. So proud of him... until the next time he steals my slippers!

    Kathy O'Kelly

    Just finished our 2nd dog training class tonight, and what a fantastic difference already. We still have a way to go with Riley but thanks to Deirdre’s expertise & knowledge we are getting there. 1st class, highly recommend .

    Tara Madigan

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